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Bronzers give a boost in color for a longer lasting tan.  There are three main categories of bronzers:  immediate, delayed, and tan activating.

Immediate Bronzers are often referred to as natural and first dimension bronzers.  They give immediate results that last for 1-2 days.  Immediate bronzers do not streak or stain.  Examples of ingredients that make up immediate bronzers are:  walnut shell extract, carrot oil, and henna.

Delayed Bronzers are often called second dimension bronzers and contain DHA (Dihydroxacetone), a sunless tanning ingredient.  DHA is sugar based and it reacts with the skin's proteins to produce a natural bronze color. DHA bronzers must be exposed to the air to develop color through an oxidation process.  Delayed bronzers produce noticeable results in 2-4 hours and complete results after a 24 hour period.  The results last for 4-7 days.

Tan Activating Bronzers are sometimes referred to as DermaDark bronzers.  They work by activating melanin in the skin to bring out a natural bronze color.  Tan activating bronzers are present in all products that contain 3 or more bronzers.  They are clear, non-staining, and no maintenance bronzers.  DermaDark bronzers increase melanin production to achieve a quick, intense, long-lasting tan color that lasts for 5-8 days that continues to darken with use.  A Bio Tanning Blend is a third dimension tan activating bronzer that aids in maximizing the production of melanin to bring out the natural bronze color of the skin. M.A.P. (melanin activating peptides) technology is an advanced color boosting system that works by stimulating the production and distribution of melanin in the epidermis for a more even looking and darker tan.  Lipobronze technology promotes delivery of melanin evenly in the body.  Celldark increase melanin production by 17%.

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